about him & i

Welcome to our blog, Houseof S T A S H, this blog is a collective of our life, our vintage shop(s) (currently only online), and everything else we love. My boyfriend, Benjamin, is the glue that holds me together. He is quite the character, much more diligent than me, and makes sure the bills are paid on time! We have a little dog, Zip (real name Zippity - Do - Dah), who we treat like a real son. He makes us laugh, keeps us active, loves to sleep on his back, and we take hims almost everywhere we go. Then there is me, my name is Lauren and my beautiful baby nieces call me "LALA" the only nickname I've ever had. The little ones make my heart skip and make my face sore from all the kisses I give. I love vintage clothing, the fits and lines and structure to it all. Ben and I are brain storming ideas and goals to having a vintage inspired clothing line of some sort. We definitely have our work cut out for us! 

On our free time, which we have a lot of these days, we like to travel. We love being on the road, so we set a plan to bring an RV into our family and treasure hunt all over the states. We are Tucson, AZ natives, went to High school together and will always have Tucson as our home base.

We are so excited to share our life with our readers and thank you for stopping by. If you have any questions about us or our online stores, please contact us.