Wednesday, February 8, 2012

feb day 6


The only downside to the subject for the February Photo a Day being dinner, is that you can't take your snapshot to the sun is down. This got me really backed up for my photos. After dinner, I just started to wind down, and didn't have to motivation to get on the computer and update the blog as well. So, here is it, Monday nights dinner. I have to say, I have a soft spot for Chipotle (and that we needed to go grocery shopping). I always let myself get to the point of hunger where I need food now! And monday was a prime example, I was starving, and had hardly and ingredients in the fridge to work with and by 8 pm I threw my hands in the air and caved. For all "fast food" choices, I usually go for something like  Chipotle. I'm getting full off not even a cup of rice, black beans and every topping that's not meat or dairy. I know it's a sorry excuse to eating healthy, but you'll never see me pulling up to a drive through!

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